Essay on American Citizens And The American Citizen

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Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want, and freedom from fear- we have heard these our entire lives. These are some of the aspects of what being an American citizen consists of. Some might ask what being an American really is, if written into words being an American citizen would be having freedom to express ourselves freely. As Americans we are all looked at as equals, no matter what the race, sex, or religion of a person is. We have the privilege to wake up every morning, and decide where we want to go. As American citizens we can practice our religion. We don 't have to be scared that the police will come in and arrest us or kill us. Citizens of different countries face consequences such as these for simple acts that we, as American citizens, take for granted every day. American citizens have resources to obtain a good education and career. American citizens should be proud and stand true to their country. We should have honor and boldness and count it a blessing and great privilege to live in this beautiful country, America. Is it ever acceptable for people to use violence to defend their constitutional rights? In the opinion of some people the answer would be no and some would say yes. It is never acceptable to use violence. Violence should never be used to defend your constitutional rights. The reason is because there are always other means to get what is wanted rather than using violence. Violence also should not be used because it makes…

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