Bill Of Rights Writing Assignment Essay

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Bill of Rights Writing assignment.
When it comes to this country freedom are the most important basic right a person in United States possesses, and the right most often expressed. Americans have four essential freedoms as stated by (Franklin Delano Roosevelt). The culture of this country was very well planned by the forefathers who sat down and drafted the constitution. However, due to advancement of technology and new generation, there are few things which were put place those days that need to be adjusted to fit the current situation. I will be focusing on the following bill of rights which I find them that have some benefits and also need to be adjusted. Freedom of speech and expression; the second is the freedom of every person to worship their god in his or her own way; the third is the rights to bear fire arms.(Franklin Delano Roosevelt) also said, Freedom means the supremacy of human rights.
The first bill of right I am going to discuss will be the freedom of speech. American Citizens always take pride of their country that is also known as land of liberty. Therefore as citizens we have certain rights as individuals. Freedom of speech is one of them and we always tend to think of freedom of speech as spoken word. In my opinion I understand that freedom of speech is having that freedom to believe what you choose and also to openly state your beliefs without being thrown to jail. I do believe that the first amendment was purely intended to give all the American…

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