The First Ten Amendments

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The Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments of the constitution. An amendment is a formal change to a law, constitution, statue, or legislative bill. Amendments can be added, removed, or updated as the times and people’s views change. Such as slavery, women’s rights, and prohibition have changed over the years. These subjects are very parallel but there is a small difference that will hopefully be defined. The Bill of Rights was created to address the objections of the Anti-Federalists on the Constitution. Federalists maintained that the people and the states kept any power not given to the federal government. Anti-Federalists wanted to place specific limitation on the government to ensure an individual’s liberty. The Bill of Rights originally …show more content…
The first one was freedom of religion, freedom of speech and press. The second amendment was that a well regulated military, the people have the right to bear arms. Three, without consent or an order, no soldier shall interrupt peace in a house. The fourth amendment, the people have the right to be secure. The fifth amendment, no person shall be charged until proven guilty, and all evidence has been turned in. The sixth amendment, the accused has the right to a fair trial. The seventh amendment, any case has the right to be reexamined by a court in the U.S. The eighth amendment, no bail, no fines, no cruel punishment shall be inflicted until case has been through a jury. The ninth amendment, the Constitution shall not be denied by the people. The tenth amendment, the powers of the Constitution are reserved for the people. There is really no difference between the amendments or a Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is a just a formal declaration of the legal and civil rights of any state, country, federation, etc. An amendment is just a change or an addition in a document. An article is an addition to the Constitution. The Bill of Rights and an amendment both have to be approved. The Bill of Rights is already written; however, it can be changed. There is just a long process. An amendment is just where they add or change something in any formal

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