America 's Overall Gun Control Essay

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The gun tragedies that have received a significant amount of coverage and attention in their wake can be considered symbolic events in America’s overall gun control discourse. While other nations have been quick to respond to an individual event with major policy change, the United States has not yet done so. Nevertheless, Kristin Goss argues how ‘Columbine and the other high-profile shootings that followed appear to have… planted the seeds of a sustained, visible, grassroots, nation-spanning gun control effort’ (2006 p.2). It may just be that stronger, better-organised and longer sustaining activism is needed in order to promote such change.

Additionally, the answer, as suggested by Kingdon (1995), may lie in the misalignment of the policies, problem and politics as relevant to gun control, for among the most notable symbolic events in the gun control and gun violence discourse was the shooting in Newtown. This massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School had an overwhelming national response, in part, due to the added emotional tension of the victims being so many young children. In hindsight it is evident that there has not been significant political change since Sandy Hook, however, at the time many believed it could be the turning point and the event even bridged some of the political polarity of the gun debate. For instance, gun right supporter Senator Joe Manchin, a proud outdoorsman and gun owner, expressed: ‘This awful massacre has changed where we go from here’…

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