America Runs On Fossil Fuels Essay

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America runs on fossil fuels. From lawn equipment, to transportation, to house hold items that most would not associate with fossil fuels, the demand for these forms of energy are increasing. The United States alone produces tens of millions of barrels annually. In 2015, U.S. oil production was at an all-time high of 9.4 million barrels daily (Sorry, OPEC: U.S. oil production at 43-year high, 2016). While the numbers look staggering, this is not enough to keep up with demand. The U.S. services about 40 percent of its own oil demands while the remaining needs are met with imports from Canada, Saudi Arabia, Africa, Latin America and other countries (Where Does America Get Oil? You May Be Surprised, 2012). This ever-growing dependency puts an enormous strain on the environment not only from the devastation caused by drilling, but also from pollution released into the air as the fuel is burned, spills, and waste. To break this dependence on fossil fuels, the U.S. must look at alternative fuel sources, recycling, and improving public transportation throughout the country.
Alternative fuel sources are a key part of the solution to America’s dependence on fossil fuels. While most people associate fossil fuels with oil, this category of energy also includes natural gas and coal. Almost 50 percent of America’s electricity is generated from coal burning power plants. These plants burn nearly 1.5 million tons of coal each year. An average 500 megawatt coal burning power plant puts out…

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