Value Chain Analysis For Amazon

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In the words of Jeff benzo C.E.O of "In the physical world it's the old saw: location, location, location. The three most important things for us are technology, technology, technology."
Amazon was one of the world’s first online shopping sites, started by jeff benzon in 1995 it’s was an online line books seller with big ambitions and a focus on customer service it was a strategy that lead them on path to finding the right balance between cost and function although its beginnings were humble and an environment which was virtually non-existent it managed to survive and figured out how to be profitable, after 6 years of operations.
Its focus on customer service timely deliver got consistently made it one of the best online retail site the idea of shopping online became synonymous with amazon with innovative features like one click shopping, customer
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The organization has focused on having a large variety of products knowing that once a customer is disappointed due unavailability of the product he would not return, the organizations humble begin it didn’t have any physical asset of traditional stores there was no inventory, no ware houses, no overheads and no logistics only a website and the will to make it a great company that it is today.
Today the retail giant has an electronic development company in Seattle, Washington and offices in Coffeyville, Kansas. It has many global websites to serve domestic customers in the US, the UK, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, India etc.

Amazon supply chain
According to an article named An Investigation of Amazon's Supply Chain Management Strategy by Alhapen Ruslin Chandra Amazons evolution has been a long one with constant improvements and making profits coming in only after 6 years after its initial launch starting off as a primarily a book selling service its competitive strategy focused on low product price, relatively

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