Alternative Energy : Renewable Energy Essay examples

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James Morrison
Dr. Birdsong
Political Science

Alternative Energy
Renewable energy is also referred to as alternative energy. This is generally, power whose source does not run out. Unlike fossil fuels, it causes no pollution. The energy leaves no residues that would otherwise cause harm. Alternative energy is a common term, used to contrast this form of energy from the traditional sources of energy such as coal power and natural gas as well as oil power. The traditional sources of energy are definitely environmentally unfriendly. Alternative energy has several other names such as clean energy, green energy, or renewable energy. Alternative energy includes geothermal power, biomass, hydropower, solar power, and wind power (Fangman 12). This paper gives an overview of various forms of clean energy, with much emphasis being given to biomass energy, which is rarely considered, yet it is a great source of alternative energy.
The Need for Alternative Energy
The push for green, clean, or alternative energy is double sided and quite nagging. Boosters, experts, and critics are overwhelmed by the many theories, talks, strategies, and reports, but there are less tactical facts, action, and progress. It is important that people understand the truth and the reason behind the push for clean energy. One view on the issue of green energy swirls around water, air, polar bears, atmosphere, arctic thawing, extreme weather conditions, and the quality of life in the…

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