How Does Renewable Energy Change The World

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Renewable Energy: A Way to Change the World
In 2010 the U.S. had more than 500 coal burning power plants. Before the year was over 180 of these plants have closed and more are scheduled to close (Brown). The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is now lowering. Today many new types of alternative energy sources are taking over. Harmful fossil fuels, including coal and oil, were previously used to make all the energy possible. These are however very harmful and nonrenewable. Wind, Solar, Geothermal and Thermal are just a few examples of many new energy producers seen today. Renewable energy sources are environmentally friendly, reduce pollution and are cost effective.
Alternative Energy sources have been seen around the world for thousands
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Many officials are now seeing the air pollution produced through fossil fuels helping emerge onto a new, more effective energy way. The new ways are harming the future of oil, natural gas and coal companies. Renewable Energy sources are replacing coal and oil with wind and solar energy (Brown). CEO 's of oil companies are now being forced to lower their production expectations and goals. This is because our Earth has been picked over and harmed from our intense oil exploration and production. Oil Companies are now broadening their energy production ideas due to their falling behind to alternative energy companies (Brown). Harmful fossil fuel use is slowing deteriorating with the help of alternative energy …show more content…
Solar energy is produced by contracting the sun 's radiation into a transducer where it is then converted into heat, electricity, and other energy forms (Solar Energy). This energy can either be produced directly as a heat source or indirectly as electricity. This form of energy is converted through greenhouses, common windows, and solar collectors. Greenhouses are commonly found using glass surfaces to capture and slow the escaping of heat and infrared radiation. Solar collectors, commonly known as solar panels, are mounted on rooftops are on tall structures capturing sunlight to heat water or space heaters (Alternative Energy Sources). Although solar energy has been used for hundreds of years it is just now seeing large amounts use.Overtime the worldwide use of solar cells that have been converted to energy has risen by over 50 percent a year. When solar energy was first harvest we saw mainly smaller, rooftop panels. Today their are millions of these along with thousands of large, commercial scale solar projects (Brown). The EIA says that in 2013 utility-scale solar capacity almost doubled and installations will increase by 56% in 2013 to 2015. The United States government involvement is helping the growth of solar energy. The U.S. Department of Energy created the Sunshot Initiative that aims to lower costs of solar energy tobecome compatible with other forms of electricity (Renewable

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