Alternative Energy And Fossil Fuels Essay

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There are many pros and cons of alternative energy and fossil fuels. There are many more pros of alternative energy. Pros of renewable energy is, it is available all over the world because there is sun and wind. There is no chance of renewable energy becoming depleted in the future. Renewable energy can boost economic growth and increase job opportunities ("Renewable Green Energy"). There are many pros of renewable energy but there are always cons too.
There are also cons of renewable energy such as technology required to gather renewable energy is costly. Some renewable energy sources are affected by weather making them less reliable but there are still reliable sources such as solar power because the sun rises everyday. ("Renewable Green Energy"). Although there were some cons there were many more pros to make up for these cons. There are more reasons to use renewable energy than to not use it.
There are also pros of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels produce more energy then renewable energy. Fossil fuels are easy to transport from place to place. The cost of producing fossil fuels are low because they are naturally available. They are also abundantly available in many different places in the world ("Renewable Green Energy"). There are pros of fossil fuels, but there are also cons.
Cons are a big deal with fossil fuels because they effect people 's health. Fossil fuels produce pollution and when people breathe it in, it can only harm people, and if people want to be more…

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