Essay on Alternative Ending for Macbeth

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Act 6 Scene 1

Mists and explosions. Enter three WITCHES
FIRST WITCH Here rests the body of the brave warrior King Macbeth who stood up until his last breath.
SECOND WITCH Oh my demon ! We shall fulfill our destiny and avenge all mankind!
THIRD WITCH Get ready you creatures, tonight we face the day that we have waited for centuries! Grab my hands and let's
Three witches grab arms and walk around in circles.
ALL WITCHES Earth, bone and winding sheet ... Let this spirit come to me! Earth, bone and winding sheet... let this spirit come to me! Ground crumbles apart and fissure breaks down the surface of his grave, Macbeth appears and is confused MACBETH I
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Ready for battle and organized lines. ENTER Malcolm.
MALCOLM [To soldiers] Today we are facing the demon himself. He is going to take revenge on us and murder each member of your families with no mercy. With the power of our faith we will send him and his unholy army back to their graves!
SOLDIERS HOORAY! HOORAY! MALCOLM Archers on the tower, prepare to shoot!

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