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Alternate Ending, A Separate Peace
From inside we could hear Phineas fall clumsily down the white marble stairs. Everyone stayed calm as we rushed outside to assist him. Finny said he couldn’t move or feel his legs and people started splitting up to go get help and shouting orders. Once the doctors and nurses arrived some of us helped to move him to the infirmary. After what seemed like hours Dr. Stanpole came out to tell us the news. He told us something we never expected. Phineas severed his spine. He was paralyzed from the waist down and would never be able to walk again. He said that Phineas needed rest so everyone should go back to their rooms. Everyone left but I was frozen. It was almost as if I had fallen with Phineas, I couldn’t
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I didn’t know what to say to him. This was all my fault.
Phineas would have to stay in the Infirmary overnight, so I went back to my room to get started on my homework. I heard a knock on the door and Brinker came in, asking if I saw Finny and how he was. I told him what Dr. Stanpole told us, “He’s paralyzed from the waist down and he will be that way for life, so he needs a wheelchair.” He looked incredibly shocked hearing this, “Wow. So he will never be able to walk again. You must feel proud of yourself.” He departed before I had a chance to respond. My mind was racing. This isn’t what I wanted. Was it? Did I want Phineas to get hurt? I didn’t know anymore. I couldn’t understand my own feelings.
The next morning Phineas started to attend classes again. As I walked with him through the campus to the next building, he complained about the stairs. “Haven’t they heard of wheelchair-accessibility? How do they expect me to be able to attend classes when I can’t even get to them?” “There must be a ramp around here somewhere,” I muttered. We circled the building and, finally finding a ramp, were 10 minutes late to class. The teacher glared at us as we walked in. He seemed as though he was about to scold us when he noticed the wheelchair and remained silent. Finny seemed disappointed that he didn’t get to use one of his detailed explanations.
As the day droned on, people frequently came up to Phineas asking what happened , if he was

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