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Alone time with dad

“Hey dad, forgot this screw.” I said as I was looking at the manual excitedly. My dad (Yaniv) and I (Adi), were working on building a basketball. My dad was nice and decided to do it a day after we bought the parts for the basketball. We bought the basketball because it was my sister’s birthday and she wanted a basketball really badly, but she wasn’t the only one. I was extremely excited too, because that meant that I don’t have to go to parks all the time just to play basketball for fifteen minutes.
After about an hour of hard work I took a minute to look at the basketball and I thought “This looks like an NBA basketball!!” because it looked so professional. I was amazed by the beauty of the basketball’s structure that I was already day dreaming of playing with it and “SWISSSH” hearing the mellow sound of the basketball going smoothly through the net. I dreamed of playing there for hours and working on anything possible to improving my basketball skills. I would work on lay-ups, shootaround, dribbling, and even passing. After we were done I looked at the basketball and whispered under my breath “AMAZING!” as I was so amazed just by looking at the finished basketball. The best part was that it had wheels so we rolled out to our parking lot trying to search for the perfect spot to place it. My sister, Noam, came to look at our progress, but was surprised to see the basketball finished. We decided after five minutes, “We would put over there, by the…

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