Essay on Allstate Motorcycle Insurance

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Allstate Case Analysis
Cacey Lavin
March 9, 2012

What is a “traditional” society? A society based on historical customs, values, morals or beliefs that are handed down from generation to generation? Today’s society is a far cry from the comfort of tradition. It has evolved and is comprised of vastly different demographics, economics, social-cultural influences and household arrangements. Marketing must target these non-traditional sectors to be effective. This process can be challenging, but performing in-depth market research can help a company excel at their marketing efforts.
Slide 4-38 Marketing Metrics & Slide 3-20 Social-Cultural Environment Allstate’s attempt to gain the insurance business of motorcyclists has
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This TV commercial tugs at viewers heartstrings by showing motorcycles crashing in slow motion. The motorcycles do not have any passengers, but show the devastating results of hitting the ground or an obstacle at such momentum frame by frame. What makes this commercial effective is their use of music, visuals & the message “Bikes never crash alone”. (Dozier, n.d.) The traumatic realization of getting consumers to visualize an actual person as the crash victim uses emotions to market insurance. Perhaps one of the most brilliant qualitative marketing strategies Allstate has ever implemented was the use of their motorcycle riding agents in their ads. These prominent print ads featured more than 600 Allstate agents straddling their motorcycles fully dressed in motorcycle garb and accessories. The ad displays “This is an Allstate agent” across the center of each photograph. (Elliott, 2008) This approach proved to be successful because it showed the genuine side of the agents and that they could relate to everyday people with passionate hobbies such as motorcycle riding. One of the more recent and clever advertising pitches from Allstate is the Mayhem campaign. Actor Dean Winters portrays the evil villain “Mayhem” and exemplifies the disaster related consequences of storms, fires, crashes, etc. to stimulate the importance of having insurance to consumers. (Elliott, 2010) Its effectiveness is attributed to the use of real

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