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Why are you interested in applying for the AllianzGI Global Graduate programme? What is your motivation to work in the Asset Management Industry and to work for Allianz Global Investors? *

Why interested in the programmed?
I choose this programme because of the breadth and depth of the competency development I can gain from it, as I can rotate between different business areas, receive modular training to advance my interpersonal skills. Second, given your global platform, I can have the opportunity to meet and make friends with different people from all around the world. Third, I am sure that I will gain enough support in the programme with the manger as my sponsor.

Motivation to work in the Asset Management Industry?
First, I am interested
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- What was your role within the team?

- How did you gain support for your ideas from other members of the team?

- What problems did you face and how did you overcome these? *

I had a project with Audi in Germany, leading a team of 5. It was challenging to manage people with different backgrounds, cultures, schedules and personal habits.
To deal with it, (1) I maintained the right mindset. I liked diversity and challenges. (2) I initiated activities like dining together to improve understanding and team bonding. (3) I kept the communication channel open by creating a Facebook group and encouraged teammates to express ideas. (4) I respected their cultures and adapted myself to the German working style. For instance, I avoided uncertainty by using facts to justify decisions. I kept my team organized by a) reaching a consensus on the project goal; b) allocating tasks to people according to their strengths and schedules; c) creating a project schedule to determine the sequence and duration of tasks and milestones.
In addition, every time I put forward my ideas, I would explain my thought process and rationales of the ideas to my teammates and asked for their opinions. I would show them the data and evidence I gathered to win
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I planed my workload by classifying the work into important/unimportant and urgent/not urgent. As for my coursework, I identified it as important but not urgent; thus I could do it next week. Regarding the 2 videos, they were both important, but Video 1 should be examined 3 days earlier than Video 2; therefore, I decided to work on Video 1 first and then Video 2.

In order to be more efficient, I have come up with a new idea that for the two videos, I could use the same module, i.e., the module I developed for Video 1 could be reused for Video 2. By using this method, I have saved much time. After finishing Vedio1, I could skip making a new module for Video 2, and what I needed to do was just changing elements, background music and so on. Although using the same module, the 2 videos did not look the same, because I have made adjustments tailored for the

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