Difference Between Global Team And Cross Cultural Team

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Nowadays, life taking place in an intercultural world. Each country depends on another one. Isn’t not only cereals, or goods that are moving all around the world. In the work place, people have to work with colleagues who live in different continent, and with different cultural back ground. In one hands, when teams consist of people from different cultures working apart from one another in different locations, social distance or a lack of emotional connection can cause miscommunication, misunderstanding and distrust. On the other hands, a manger can be very efficient in one culture and be the reason for failure in another one. How managers can lead global team, or cross cultural team to be efficient as possible?
According to this two different
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Secondly, what are the difference in cross-cultural team?
With a cross cultural team who work in the same place, the communication challenges are different. Same as the global team, the manager had to know the different team member back ground. He had to identify and be prepare for potential conflicts before they arise. The problems can be exactly the same as a global team, but here, they appear in a face to face situation. This situation can bring more negative feelings. In front of conflicts, team members can be rebel, aggressor, or blocker. These feelings can totally block the project, and the team efficiency.
Here, is an everyday life challenges. Manager should promote effective communication and listening skills every seconds. He should manage emotions effectively, and do not forget to brainstorm for group consensus.

In a nutshell, we can say that communication is the key of the situation. It is the role’s leader to promote different way to communicate, to control they are well used, to temperate the situation, and aware each team members to respect each other. Open minding people are the perfect team member researched to work in the cross cultural

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