Mount Everest Team Simulation Essay

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During the Mt. Everest team simulation, we learned quite a bit about what it means to be on a team. When climbing Mt. Everest in both a simulation and in real life you really depend on your team to do what is necessary to reach a goal. This could be a simple personal goal (such as the photographer to stay at camp 1 and 2 an extra night) or a larger goal that is shared by multiple people on the team (the leader and marathoner’s goal of reaching the summit). Our team had achievements and failures, all of the failures in hindsight could’ve been easily conquered if our team biggest hurdle was overcome in the beginning, communication. We had strengths that helped us along the way. One was the fact that we were willing to help each other; before we made any decision we tried to examine how it would affect any and all members of our team. For example, the only time we used any of our medical supply was on “camp 2” when our environmentalist was ill. She only had one more campsite to go while others had 2. …show more content…
The way we handled it was to stay at camp four, we figured resting would be more beneficial to us than anything at that point. The second biggest issue we had was when attempting to determine how many oxygen containers we needed. We all had different ideas on how to calculate the distance we needed to travel and how much oxygen it was going to require. Another thing that concerned us with this was that in the description it stated: “team members may not receive the amount of oxygen canisters requested”. At that point, we decided that it would be best for the people attempting to make it to the summit request more than the others that weren’t too concerned about making it all the way to the top. Unfortunately, our math was off, we took weight incorrectly into consideration and our marathoner didn’t take enough with him to reach the

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