All People Are Good At Heart Essay

1034 Words Sep 21st, 2016 5 Pages
I believe that all people are good at heart. Sometimes, it can be easy to watch the news, and start to believe that the world is full of “dreadful” people. These criminals are dehumanized when we hear about them doing awful things in the news that may not be true. Those criminals that are mentioned might not necessarily be awful people either. While bad people do exist, the world is most definitely not full of them. For every one person that could bring us harm, there are a thousand others who would rather help us. All people may have dreadful moments, and come off as rude during a hard time or a tough day, but that is everyone. Everyone has difficult days and sometimes that needs to be noted when judging one’s personality. One concept I have learned is that we do not always know another’s situation so it is best to be sympathetic towards what good there is in the world. Some characteristics that I believe that help make people good include, the ability to give back, loving others for who they are, and forgiveness. I love seeing these characteristics through my friends, and family on a daily basis. It truly makes me happy knowing that I am always around such a good group of people that will always give back.
One story that leads me to that point was actually a video I watched on Twitter. The video starts out with a little girl with a large meal in her hands. She starts walking away with some encouragement from her father, and goes outside. Once she arrives outside, she…

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