Symbolism In 'The Guest And A Good Man Is Hard To Find'

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In distinctive works of fiction, there are characters who signify the disregard of the people within our society. In this society of ours, we encounter folks who fall short understanding the behavior of certain things, like wise, there are also the ones who consider that they are a better resembles than others, while miss concluding their own defects. In both, A Good Man Is Hard To Find, by Flannery O 'Connor, and Guest, by Albert Camus, illustrates that evil and good in an individual are not mutually exclusive.
In A Good Man is Hard to Find, we encounter a variety of characters with different characteristic. There is two characters who really stand out, one of them is, The Misfit, an unnamed character who has just escaped from the federal
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In The Guest, there are various symbols. One example of symbolism that is illustrated in both stories is moral principle, which can be symbolized that they deem themselves as a good person, for entirely different reasons. For example, the Arab, In The Guest, is given a chance to go off and be free, but instead he decides to go to prison, where he knows that he will be punished for the crimes he has committed. Even though he has committed a crime, he is still a good person, the fact that he decides to go back to prison and not be free, shows how much dignity he has. While in a Good Man Is Hard to Find, The Misfit, as said in the story “ Daddy was a card himself, you could put anything over on him. He never got in trouble with the Authorities”(O’connor) looked up to his father, like a normal kid would do. This tells the reader that, at one point in The MIsfits life he was just a normal kid, but then a tragic happened, which carried him onto a bad …show more content…
The Grandmother, who was very manipulating and strict throughout the story, realizes how vulnerable her life is,when she is at gun point. “There was not a cloud in the sky nor any sun. There was nothing around her but woods”(O’Connor 12). She finally realized that not only her life was in danger but also her family’s. She understood how, much she had taken her family for granted and really never took the chance to enjoy them. At the point when she realizes this, it was too late. On the other hand, Daru, has sympathy because of the decision he decided to make. Daru was being obligated to take The Arab to his destination where he would be locked up and potentially be harmed, but instead Daru This only shows that Daru saw hope for the Arab. However, The Arab, chooses to go to the prison, Daru is puzzled with the prisoners’ decision, but he does not judge. By doing this, the author implies that every person has the right and freedom to choose his or her path in life. Not everyone has the same perspective on what is right and what is wrong. Society only sees wrong, when no one should be able to punish anyone for their

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