Ali's Kitchen Case Study

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We recommend that the following changes occur in order to increase the revenue and bring in more customers:
1. Decrease the prices to be more reasonable, when compared to other restaurants in the area, especially for main courses.
2. As the restaurant increases in customers then increase the staff needed.
3. Wear uniform, dress shirts with restaurant name, or formal clothing, so that all staff is identified and looks professional.
4. Offer discounts and daily specials.
5. Redecorate to provide a more cultural dining experience for the customers, could include music, seating, and decorations.
6. Redesign the exterior of the building, by painting and decorating to bring more attention to the restaurant.
7. Create a
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This income should not come from increasing prices on the menu or overcharging. The menu prices should be lowered in order to better compete with other restaurants in the area. The prices are for a fine dining restaurant and if Ali plans to keep the prices the same he will need to redesign to be more formal. Sales would be better if he lowered some of the prices and created a more cultural experience for the customers.
It has an advantage of being the only restaurant in Bowling Green with Arabic and Indian cuisine. The restaurant should give the customers a great experience while dining. This can include music, decorations, design, and entertainment. This would draw American and International customers in the area. Ali’s Kitchen needs a more unique design, painting, and sign outside to catch the attention of those driving on 31 W.
Advertisements should be increased to include WBKO, BG Daily News, WKU, SOKY. Social Media can increase popularity and allow customers to know about daily specials. The photos of the food can be put on Instagram and Facebook. There can be coupons put on Smart Cards and in the Coupon Mint. These deals may attract more customers. Therefore would be more money spent and an increase in
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Many Arabic and Indian people look for locations to have weddings and parties. Ali could charge for the party and the food will be made a served there. This will increase his sales and also bring a larger audience. Currently a lot of people in these communities are not aware of this restaurant being open. There is a location that does hold these parties, but it doesn’t provide as many options or the same food as Ali’s Kitchen, so this would be an advantage. Maybe another Grand Opening with an Arabic DJ and buffet style would gather more people and make them aware of it. This could be advertised at the local hookah shops, international stores, and international center. Ali has already had one grand opening but many people missed

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