Alibaba Case Study Summary

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Alibaba Group Holding Limited has began in year 1999 when the founder , Jack Ma founded the website, a sales services via web portal that can connect with overseas buyers.
1) Jack Ma adapts charismatic leadership theory. He is willing to take a high personal risk to achieve his goal.
- Jack Ma is an intelligent person, he observed the early success sales service websites such as eBay, Amazon and overall commerce future. He started to study in US and spent some time to learn on how to apply business practices in China. He faced risks including acquisitions, investments and alliances.
- For example, Jack Ma completed the acquisition of music service Xiami and Alibaba will launch an interesting service in
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2) Jack Ma is also a hardworking leader who is charismatic, visionary and has motivated a lot of people for help in implementing that vision.
- For example, he learned English by riding his motorbike to a hotel for guiding foreigners in Hangzhou every day.

3) Besides, employees-oriented leadership style is habituated by Jack Ma. - He is a manager who cares about the people who work for him. He believe that a company development depending on two things. One is the development of employee and other is development of customer. - For example, Jack Ma believe that it is important to give training to employee for improving them since year 2005. - Jack Ma knows peoples’ strengths, weaknesses and the places that they need to improve. The mentality of helping each other is a key for setting up a team. - A quote from Jack Ma saying that prioritize customers followed by employees then shareholders. - Then, Jack Ma requires the employees to be actively involved in the team. When he hires people, he prefers choosing those who are good in integrating into the team rather than those who are selfish, unless he is particularly
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Based on the motivation theory, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has five needs such as :
- physiological needs, safety needs, social needs, esteem needs and also self- actualization needs.
- It is divided into two parts, external needs and internal needs. Alibaba Group is a company that provides business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C) and consumer to consumer (C2C) services through web portals. Thus, the employees working in Alibaba Group are expected to work happily so that the work outcome will be more productive and efficient. 1) To achieve the higher order needs of the employees, Alibaba Group pays large attention to the employees by appreciating their involvement in the job. - For example, when an employee gives comments or ideas in a meeting to improve the project, Jack Ma is willing to accept the suggestion and consider the suggestion seriously. This will help the employee to feel motivated in thinking more creatively.
2) Besides, the company had also gave an appreciative message to the employees by publishing an official letter on their

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