Alias Grace: Point of View, Characterization and Title Essay

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Alias Grace: Point of View, Characterization and Title

Rhys Sutter English Language Arts 30 AP Miss Strueby March 26, 2012 Alias Grace, written by Margaret Atwood, is a well-written novel filled with many components that enhance the theme and the story as a whole. Atwood reveals the story of Grace Marks to the reader in a variety of ways, including various points of view. This allows the author to reveal the character of Grace Marks in many different layers based on the accounts of others and Grace herself. Atwood also characterizes
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Simon Jordan also adds to the search for the truth about who the real Grace is, because he acts as an outsider looking in. Atwood writes, “The trouble is that the more she remembers, the more she relates, the more difficulty he himself is having. He can’t seem to keep track of the pieces. It’s as if she’s drawing his energy out of him” (Atwood 388). Dr. Jordan’s job is to find out who Grace truly is, but as Atwood writes, it is nearly impossible for him to do so because of how complex and secretive she is. It leads the reader to question whether or not they will ever know the whole truth. Along with this point of view, the author writes in third-person objective through the form of newspaper accounts, poems, and letters, which exemplifies society’s view on Grace Marks. These excerpts tend to be filled with the sensationalism of scandal, violence and sex, which enhances the author’s views of the Victorian society. People of this time period are fascinated with such stories and try to make them as appealing as possible, even if they do not fully tell the truth. Combined, the different points of view Atwood uses allows the reader to patch together the story of Grace Marks, although there are still pieces missing in the search for truth.
Characterization of Grace Marks and her reliability as a narrator The characterization of Grace Marks plays a significant role in the reader’s ability to determine the truth about who she really is and what she has done. To begin with,

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