Essay On Women In Canada

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1920’s lives of Women The war led to the many changes that took place in the society of Canada. Many people’s lives changed, the economy was impacted, and several legal changes took place. One group that was influenced significantly by World War One was the women. Changes in the lifestyles of women, their rights, and their political power took place. All these changes impacting Canadian women took place because of the First World War. To begin with, during the First World War the Military Voter’s Act was introduced to Canada in 1917, it gave all soldiers the right to vote along with awarding the right to vote to Canadian women and nurses who had served in the armed forces. At that time, this Act was more of an attempt by PM Borden to convince men to being conscripted into war because the Allies needed more men in order to win the war. It was the Military Voters Act that was passed due to WW1 that later led on to all women …show more content…
The Persons Case was launched by the Famous Five—a group of Canadian women 's rights activists that also included Henrietta Muir Edwards, Nellie McClung, Louise McKinney and Irene Parlby. This group stated that women should be eligible to become senators, however at the time women were not considered “persons”. To change this the Persons Case was launched in order to qualify women as a person. On 18 October 1929, the Council ruled that women were “persons.” It was a resounding victory for all women in Canada. This affected the lives of women as they were now able to sit in the Senate and were considered “persons” in society. Carine Wilson was a great example of a women whose life changed because of the success of the Persons Case. She had the honor of being appointed as Canada 's first woman Senator. It portrayed how women could now become senators and made decisions by sitting on the

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