Essay about Alexander The Second Of The Great

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Alexander the Great also known as Alexander the third, was the son of King Phillip II and Queen Olympia. He was born on June 13th 356 B.C. in Pella Macedonia. He gets his name “Alexander the Great” because he united the Greeks, he won the war against the Persians, he also conquered Babylonia and Asia. He set up colonies all over his conquered lands. Alexander has a very special history and is one of the most important change agents in history.
Alexander was different from other Macedonian kids because he was chosen to have an education and to learn many different things. Alexander was educated by a teacher with the name of Leonidas. Leonidas, taught Alexander math, horsemanship and archery, but he struggled to control Alexander because of his rebelliousness. Alexander had another teacher by the name of Lysimachus, he used role-playing to keep Alexander’s attention. Alexander idolized the warrior Achilles he loved everything about him and wanted to be exactly like him. In 343 B.C., King Philip II hired the philosopher Aristotle. Aristotle was probably the greatest teacher that Alexander had because of his renown philosophies and teachings. For three years, Aristotle taught Alexander and some of his friends’ philosophy, poetry, drama, science and politics. Aristotle saw that Homer 's Iliad made Alexander want to be a heroic warrior, Aristotle created a shortened version of the tome for Alexander to carry with him on military adventures. Alexander completed his education in…

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