Alexander The Great Thesis

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Alexander the Great Throughout history there have been many successful conquerors and emperors. One of the most feared and famous emperors was Alexander the Great, son of King Philip II. Alexander the Great had an interesting and action packed life from the day he was born. Many consider this Macedonian King to be the best king of all time. Alexander III was born in Pella, the capital of Macedon, in 356 B.C. (Stewart, 8). His father King Philip II was king of Macedon at this time. That made Alexander the heir to the throne if something was to happen to Philip. King Philip was a great king and conqueror, setting the stage for Alexander later on. King Philip trained a very strong army that could expand
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After Philips death Alexander gained support from the army and defeated enemies to become the King and leader of the Corinthian League. Alexander silenced all the rumors that he was the cause of his father’s death by having an investigation done and finding many of his enemies guilty (Wihelm 39). This was a very smart move because he took out his competitors for the throne while regaining the trust of the people. Alexander was unknown by the Greeks and was not respected and they ended their alliance that Philip worked so hard to make. Although he was advised otherwise ambitious Alexander marched to Greece and surprisingly made easy work of them. Greece quickly surrendered and promised peace (Stewart, 37). Now with the support of his people and Greece, Alexander’s next move was to fulfill his father’s goal by conquering Persia. However, prior to that he needed to control his northern borders by conquering the Thracian Triballians. The Northern enemy put up more of a fight then Greece but was still beat by King Alexander quickly(Wihelm, 40) Alexander now had Macedon’s trust and they supported him as their king completely. While …show more content…
This is interesting and shows Alexander’s uniqueness because most leaders do not care how their enemies die. In 333 B.C Alexander named himself the King of Persia. Next Alexander moved toward Egypt. Egypt, in fear of Alexander, surrendered with no resistance. This is real proof of how feared Alexander really was. In Egypt Alexander created the city of Alexandria. Alexandria was the center of trade and represented Greek culture. This is another example of how Alexander spreads other cultures other then Macedonia. This causes some Macedonians to be upset and question his loyalty to his homeland. Soon after at the battle of Gaugamela, Alexander defeated the Persian army once and for all making him technically King of Asia, Babylon and the Four Quarters of the World. Alexander was not done yet even though he fulfilled his fathers original goal. Alexander now moved to eastern Iran and easily conquered forts and met his wife Rhoxana. Still rapidly and with not much time for rest in 328 B.C. he defeated King Porus in northern India. He was very impressed with Porus’ skills so they became allies. Alexander now wanted to expand even further to

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