Alexander the Great Summary 16 Essay

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Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great was the king of Macedonia, conqueror of the Persian Empire, and one of the greatest military geniuses of all times. Even at an early age, Alexander had the promise to become a great leader. Through all his victories and conquests, he has become a great hero and has had a large impact on history. That is why I chose he book Alexander the Great, by J.R. Hamilton for my review. Hamilton does a very good job with the story of Alexander the Great. The book begins by talking about the Macedonian homeland and the make up of the people, their culture. Alexander was born in 356 BC in Pella, the ancient capital of Macedonia he was the son of Philip II, king of Macedonia, and of Olympias, a princess of
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After plundering the royal treasuries and taking anything worthwhile, he burned the city during a drunken binge and thus completed the destruction of the ancient Persian Empire. This demonstrated how ruthless and cruel of a person he could be. Another thing that showed this is when was on a drinking binge and in a fury he killed his own friend. Hamilton now talks about how far and long it took Alexander to get to where he was. Alezxander's domain now extended along and beyond the southern shores of the Caspian Sea, including modern Afghanistan and Baluchistan, and northward into Bactria and Sogdiana, the modern Western Turkistan, also known as Central Asia. It had taken Alexander only three years, from the spring of 330 BC to the spring of 327 BC, to take over such a large area. Hamilton then talks about how Alexander still wished to take over the complete Persian empire, so he crossed the Indus River in 326 BC. There he invaded the Punjab as far as the river Hyphasis, at this point the Macedonians rebelled and refused to go farther. He then constructed a fleet and passed down the Indus, reaching its mouth in September 325 BC. The fleet then sailed to the Persian Gulf. With his army, he returned overland across the desert to Media. Shortages of food and water caused severe losses and hardship among his troops. The book also talks about how Alexander would name cities as he went along after himself. Alexander then spent about a year

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