Alexander The Great Of The Golden Mean By Annabel Lyon Essay

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Alexander III of Macedon more commonly referred to by many as Alexander the great, is one of history’s more famous leaders for his brilliance and military genius having conquered the known world of his time. Alexander’s brilliance is attributed by many historians to Aristotle, his tutor in the more philosophical subjects of the time. “The Golden Mean” by Annabel Lyon captures Aristotle’s first person view of Alexander during his time as his tutor as well as some of Aristotle’s own upbringing. This book is fictional and uses this period of Aristotle and Alexander’s lives to create a drama. This book makes use of battles Alexander participated in and this essay will view the use of antiquity for these battles. Alexander was in the process of being tutored and conditioned to lead the kingdom of Macedonia and was left to tend to formalities at Pella. Most of Alexander’s youth his father King Philip II, was at battle with surrounding factions. At the time of his first battle in 336 BC Alexander was 16 and his father was off at war with Byzantium when a Thracian tribe known as the Maedi rebelled. Without his father Alexander rode out with his own men and “Subdued the rebellious Maedi, and after taking their city, drove out the Barbarians.” (Plutarch 40). This event occurs in Lyon’s novel briefly but includes the same details “Alexander’s troops retake Maedi and, for good measure, establish a colony named Alexandropolis.” (Lyon 163) Compared to Plutarch’s historically accurate…

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