Essay on Alexander The Great Of Power

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A great leader is someone who commands over his people with grace, authority, and adaptability. Alexander the Great came to power following the murder of his father in 336 BCE. At the young age of twenty years old, Alexander was thrust into power, now in control of Macedon. Until his own death, Alexander would engage in battles, negotiations and takeovers that would ultimately define him as a ruler and a man. Throughout his life, Alexander paid extra attention to his relationship with the gods, and how this would define him in adulthood and his death. Alexander the Great achieved as well as lived up to his title due to his pure ruthlessness, loyalty, and malleability that defined his time as a ruler. To ensure that Alexander lived up to his aspirations for himself, he was prepared to do whatever he felt was necessary to gain the respect of different groups of people. As a king, he did not hesitate to use violence if he felt it was warranted. Many of “the Greek city-states refused to acknowledge Alexander’s supremacy and were already planning a revolt against Macedonian authority” which would fuel Alexander’s cause more. Rebellions and resistance were always an instance where violence was warranted in the eyes of the king. He built his army to serve as a commanding force that allowed him to conquer where and whom he pleased. His feelings toward ruthlessness and rebellion stemmed from his idea of himself. Alexander truly did see himself as a divine power and one with the…

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