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Alexander Hamilton was born at roughly January11, 1755 or 1757. He was born in the British West Indies on an island named Nevis. Alexander’s father was James Hamilton who was a Scottish trader, and his mother, a woman whose name was Rachel Fawcett Lavine (French), was married to John Michael Lavine, when Alexander was born. Rachel got threw out of John’s home for disloyalty in their marriage. When Alexander was still an infant, James Hamilton left his household and Alexander behind. They fought to survive without a man in the family, as Alexander was only a boy at the time. He had been taught at an early age by his mum, and a Presbyterian clergyman. He could speak French fluently. At age 11-12, he began to work as a clerk in a counting house …show more content…
He was close to the Livingston household, and the marriage concreted his societal position and his political, point of view. It was a content marriage that formed eight youngsters. In 1781, Hamilton persuaded Washington to let him have some action on the frontline. With permission, he led a triumphant charge against the British in the Battle of Yorktown. Cornwallis's surrender during this battle would eventually lead to two major negotiations in 1783: the Treaty of Paris between the U.S. and Great Britain, and the two treaties that were signed at Versailles amongst France and Britain and Spain. In 1787 delegates met in Philadelphia to repair the weak Articles of Confederation, which were failing to hold the union together. Hamilton believed that the solution to the problem involved creating a sturdier central …show more content…
He spent a year in Congress from 1782-1783, and then spent a period employed as a lawyer in New York. Among his first clients, some were Loyalists, people who kept their loyalty to the King of England during the war. Although Hamilton had little effect on the writing of the Constitution, he was a lashing force for its ratification. He along with John Jay and James Madison wrote "The Federalist," a series of essays that defended the not yet approved Constitution. Hamilton wrote more than two-thirds of the 85 essays. They were published in the New York newspapers in 1787-88. Later in 1788, Hamilton attended the ratification convention in New York.
During his tenure as Treasury secretary, Hamilton clashed repeatedly with another member named Thomas Jefferson. Hamilton preferred a powerful central government while Jefferson dreaded it; Hamilton favored closer relations with Britain, and Jefferson, with France. They remained lifelong political

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