Alexander Hamilton And The Third President Thomas Jefferson

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When the founding fathers which is now known as the united states of america gained their independence from the british in the late 1770s they were left with the discussion of how to run this new republic. Two of the founding fathers Alexander Hamilton and The future third president Thomas jefferson had their ideas of how the country should be governed which greatly opposed each other. With jefferson wanting the country to cater to the common man mainly poor southern farmers and Hamilton the power to lie within the elite. Which is remarkable since Jefferson was born into the elite and Hamilton started his life from the bottom of the barrel.

Thomas Jefferson could not relate to or truly care about the rights of the
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Jeffreson is stuck in the past since agricultural helped provide him and his family with affluent living maybe it will continue he is base his ideas on what he knows work not would could work. As for his idea with taxes it opposes ideas primarily because it’s based off the british empire which jefferson has great disdain for because of its controlling outlook and he wants to separate himself from …show more content…
Jefferson wanting the power to be with people especially the planter class could be attributed to his upbringing where he just coasted through life most likely never interacting with the common man to strongly support his politics. Perhaps he saw the mistakes with the Former british rule of the colonies and thought this was the best way to avoid conflict within america or what he truly intrepid as freedom as the people be given what they want.

Hamilton probably knew what was best for the common man because he was born one so he had a pretty good idea of what government for the new republic was they best for its advancement. He knew the common man could not be trusted to vote on laws for the betterment of the republic they would vote only in their own self interest and how they felt about it in the present not considering the future. The elite which primarily consisted of the well educated which most of the common people had a lack of should be in power because they are able to think logically and rationally and most of has the ability to be

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