Alcoholics Anonymous Clinical Experience Featuring The Big Book

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Alcoholics Anonymous Clinical Experience Featuring The Big Book
Alcoholics anonymous are known as groups or a community group of meetings including men and women that are brought together by having one major commonality amongst them. Addiction. Addiction is the reason for relationships between strangers and building strong relationships with others that may not have likely become friends or bonded in special ways in other situations. People in this group come together and bond by sharing their experiences, current struggles and most of all how to cope with knowing and living with an addiction. The name of the organization may fool you because not everyone is an alcoholic, but all members have an addiction to some substance that has caused grief in their lives. Opiate addiction has turned into a large problem within communities and recently transformed into heroin addiction due to the cost and availability of prescription drugs. Numerous deaths resulting from overdose of heroin can be researched. Is the addiction recovery process that is used for alcoholics also successful in clients who suffer from heroin addiction? Will the same steps used for alcoholism work for a heroin addiction? These are questions that were explored as a meeting was observed in Shelbyville Kentucky. During the meeting the Doctors Opinion with excerpts out of the Big Book of AA were introduced and explored.
The Meeting
The meeting was small in size but the impact of drugs and alcohol was abundantly…

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