Alcohol And Drug Abuse : A Strategy For Reducing Recidivism Essay

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Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Falkin, Gregory P. et al. “Matching Drug-Involved Probationers to Appropriate Drug Interventions: A Strategy for Reducing Recidivism.” Federal Probation, vol. 63, no. 1, June 1999, p. 3. MasterFILE Premier, Retrieved from Evaluation studies have shown that clients who participate in drug treatment programs, including methadone maintenance, residential, and outpatient programs, have significantly lower rates of recidivism and drug relapse than do control groups (Anglin & Hser). This implies that people with an addiction should more likely get help by a professional or stay and programs that can make an impact to their daily life routine. By the quote of, “Clients who stay in treatment longer are significantly less likely to relapse and recidivate than those who drop out earlier.” And by the statement, “Indeed, for clients in outpatient drug treatment programs, rates of re-arrest and relapse are significantly lower if they stay in treatment for more than 3 months than if they drop out earlier states several of interventionist. (Hubbard, Rachael, Craddock, & Cavanaugh) I like this article because it points out how there is a way of recovering and becoming a better individual without consuming substances. To demonstrate that changing of your addiction, it’s hard to accomplish due to withdraws of the substance or by relapsing. I could use this…

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