Albatross Anchor Unit 8 Written Assignment Essay

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Isabella Johnson
MT435 Unit eight
Kaplan University

In the last stage of KU Consulting analysis we will examine an in-depth look at Albatross Anchor. Albatross Anchor is a family business that has been in business for over 35 years. During that period they have built long lasting relationships with business partners and recognized in the industry. They have built strong name recognition and known for their quality product. These are some of the strengths that distinguish Albatross Anchor from competition. KU Consulting will address four primary challenges identified and set possible solutions. Also there will be discussion about possible building alternation that will improve Albatross Anchor’s
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One of the best ways to eliminate this problem and long transition period would be the purchase of new equipment and update current inventory (Russell & Taylor, 2011). This may be a costly expense buying new equipment and updating the current inventory, but a vital change for Albatross Anchor to survive. Albatross Anchor is running behind on losing business because it cannot deliver on a timely manner. They must invest in this equipment in order to start keeping up with demand and stay in business.
Challenge two: Supply Chain Management Albatross anchor does not have sufficient space for raw material and finished goods. Also the lead-time for the supply of its goods to its customers is high. In order to overcome the resulting disadvantages, it should improve its communication and relationship with its supplier of raw material and with its customer. This could be done through smooth flow of information related to stocks, its availability and shipping details.
Challenge three: Cost Management Albatross Anchors will need to have a plan in place to ensure that all the proposed changes do not cause them to overspend. The goal of a product manager is to complete the project on time within a budget (Elyse, 2006). A budget will need to be put into place that shows a breakdown by the month to show what spending is proposed and then the actual amount spent for the month. They will need a budget that shows what they are able to spend on the

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