The Six Stages Of The Writing Process

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Have you ever had trouble writing a paper? Well I have with every single paper I have written until now. Writing paper was certainly not easy for me but taking reading and composition 092 has benefited me in the best way by stating from the basics of writing a paper. Until I figured out the writing stages and what they can do to help me for the rest of my college career. The writing stages process has six stages which are understanding, brainstorming, outline, rough draft, revising, and editing we will go through stage by stage breaking each of them down to help you become a better writer.
Stage one is the beginning of the whole process understanding the assignment. Knowing exactly what your professor wants you to do for the assignment
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Stage three is where you begin writing your outline for your paper an outline is a general plan for your paper this should be how you will lay your paper out. First, you should start with your introduction this will be the first paragraph you write this will introduce the main idea of your paper. In the introduction you should include a hook. A hook is something that captures the reader eye and keeps with wanting to know more for example “Is McDonald’s hurting your teenagers or helping them?” This statement makes you want to know why or how it keeps them interested and wanting to know more. Also, you should include a thesis statement which that lets the reader know why you are going to be talking to them about in your paper. For insistence, “Recent discoveries suggest that adoption of agriculture, supposedly our most decisive step toward a better life, was in many ways a catastrophe from which we have never recovered. (Diamond) It should lay out each main idea you will be talking about. An introduction can also have some general background knowledge about the topic or if it is a summary about the author. Moving on to the next paragraph which is the body paragraph this should have a topic sentence which is expresses the main idea in which is occurring in that paragraph such as “We will be discussing how fast food is not a good way to eat.” Then there are your major …show more content…
Start out by printing out a copy of your revised paper so you will be able to make changes and write on it. Next start to go through your paper several different times and each time you go through you look for something different. Maybe the first time you look for grammar and then go through periods and commas, then missed spelled words, and overusing words. This will fix anything you might have missed you could also have someone else double check your work as well. Then go back one last time a do some proofreading check for MLA formatting, spacing, capital letters, page numbers, your word choice, and then spelling. After everything looks perfect you should make the changes and type it up one more time for it to be turned

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