Al Qaeda Between Qaeda And Its Jihadist Members Use More Social Media Than You Would Have Ever Guessed

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Constituency Al-Qaeda and its jihadist members use more social media than you would have ever guessed. Though these jihadist websites Al-Qaeda encourages the faithful and also threatens their enemy on the same web page. Al-Qaeda has its own production company known as As-Sahab. Similar to a Hollywood studio. The production company has a good understanding of what content will attract an audience and how to shape the Al-Qaeda message (citation needed research page). You won’t be able to find As-Sahabs videos on YouTube or anything but they are not that hard to find, any web user can easily find them, and the selection is wide. Al-Qaeda takes recruitment seriously, recognizing that potential martyrs require convincing that their sacrifice will be noble and worthwhile. A supplementary part of Al-Qaeda’s effort to build a Web-based constituency is an online library of training materials explaining how to mix ricin poison, how to build a bomb using commercial and household chemicals, how to sneak into Iraq by going through Syria, and other similar advice. Some of these websites go as far as having experts who answer questions on message boards kind of like an “FAQ” board. Al-Qaeda has a few online magazines that it uses to influence its followers and train them. “Camp of the sword” emphasized the value of online instruction. “Oh Mujahid brother, in order to join the great training camps, you don’t have to travel to other lands. Alone in your home or with a group of your…

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