Airline Pilots Get Paid So Little, And How It Effects The Industry

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Why Airline Pilots Get Paid So Little, and How it Effects the Industry

Airline pilots have an incredibly important job. They are responsible for the safety of many passengers who travel extensively. Just as a driver of a vehicle must abide by safety rules to keep the roads safe for everyone, airline pilots must do the same to ensure the safety of travelers by air. Airline pilots are responsible for everyone on their flight, including staff and passengers, as well as abiding by the rules of the air.
With this in mind, airline pilots have a great deal of responsibility. They have a variety of preflight duties to ensure the safety of the planes. Ensuring the airplane is in good working condition, being aware of weather situations between their destinations and other factors are important for a pilot to consider. During the flight itself, the pilot is responsible for everything in regards to the airplane. Having a safe takeoff and landing is crucial to passenger’s safety, navigating engines, keeping an eye on the engines and other systems, and of course flying the aircraft itself.
Time management is another factor airline pilots must consider in their daily jobs. The airline pilot takes direction and must stay in communication with the ground control, who acts as a guide for the pilots. If time management is not used, accidents or delayed flights could occur as a result. Pilots may also encounter a variety of unexpected issues throughout the flight…

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