Essay on Aircraft Of Hurricane Observation And Hurricane Hunters

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Aircrafts for Hurricane Observation and Hurricane Hunters
One significant advancement towards studying hurricanes was the use of aircrafts. Post World War I, the use of aircrafts boomed and meteorologists found a use for them- to study hurricanes. The first recorded intentional flight into the eye of a hurricane was completed by Colonel Joseph Duckworth on July 27, 1943. During that day, he made two flights from Galveston, Texas. From that day on, he began one of the US Air Force’s largest, humanitarian efforts. The formal establishment of this was February 14, 1944 and regular flights into the eyes of storms began that season with the Air Force and Navy units (Sheets 199).
Following Duckworth in 1945, Major H. Wexler flew into the Great Atlantic Hurricane and recorded his observations. Robert Simpson of the US Weather Bureau was one of the only to follow up in pushing for reconnaissance flights for hurricane observations. He made four other flights into hurricanes during the following years flying into various parts of the storm to explore its structure and measure temperatures and wind at different levels. Simpson advocated the regular use of reconnaissance to record scientific observations, and urged the US Weather Bureau to hire researchers to work full time on the hurricane problem. However, restrictive budgets during the time prevented any serious type of investments into the program. Also, the Bureau’s idea was that they were strictly for operational use and that…

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