Middle American Hurricane Effects

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Middle America is a prime spot for hurricanes. Countries located inside of Middle America become victim to these tropical storms every year. There have been different storms that have affected the people of Middle America greatly. On November 24th, 2016, while American’s were busy celebrating Thanksgiving, the people of Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama and other surrounding countries were preparing for one such storm, Hurricane Otto. Hurricane Otto was a terrible storm that had multiple short term and long term effects that negatively affected the people of the Middle American realm.
Hurricanes are an unvaried routine in Middle America. Every year, hurricanes rage through Middle America, especially within Hurricane Alley which is “The Greater
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Short-term effects are things that happen admittedly following a major event. Hurricane Otto was the seventh major hurricane of 2016 located in the Atlantic Ocean. (Morgan, 2016). People from the countries affected were quickly misplaced and suddenly homeless because of severe damage to homes and other structures. Another short term effect are floods and damage from heavy rains. According to Leigh Morgan, tremendously horrible floods could be a result of Hurricane Otto because “All that rain combined with Central America 's higher terrain could cause deadly flooding and mudslides” (Morgan, 2016). This can cause major damage to these Middle America countries. Flooding can be worse than winds because water damage can lead to mold and sometimes never leave an area. (Flood Basics, 2016). These Middle America countries have to deal with resulting issues from floods every …show more content…
The effects caused by Hurricane Otto on the citizens of the different countries of Middle America are important. For example, during a trying time people will commit acts they would not normally commit. They might steal or fight over food or valuables and this can go against personal values. Also, countless people from the countries that were affected by Hurricane Otto live in poverty. When a major event happens, their lifestyle can be revealed to the world because news footage can show what sort of homes the people lived in and the damage that they might never be able to afford to fix. Another effect on a national scale could be economic collapses. During the damage caused by these storms, these countries can rely on outside sources to help them. For example, during the earthquakes and storms that happened to Haiti in 2008 and 2010 (de Blij, Muller, and Nijman, 2014) many outside sources came to the aid of the people of Haiti and this could happen to the countries damaged by Hurricane

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