Aging Is A Beautiful Challenging Unique Process Essays

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Aging is a beautiful challenging unique process that we have the privilege of tackling in each of our lives. For some it may be an easy planned out progression without many bumps in the road, but for most it is an ever changing journey that makes us who we are today. Aging doesn’t always ask us what we want or what we planned on doing with our time, but instead gives us experiences, good and bad, that make up our lives. What better way to understand being an adult and the aging process than to ask people who are right in the middle of it! Because different people with different ages have different experiences, I interviewed a 20 year old, a 58 year old and a 67 year old and asked about their aging experiences. Shaf, a 19 year old college student, gave an energetic interview looking forward to what life has in her future. Chris, a 58 year old dietitian, is reaching the peak of her working career and enjoying life as a working mother. The eldest interviewee is Diane, a retired 67 year old school teacher who is enjoying being a grandparent. My first interview was of a passionate college student named Shaf. It was easy to see her drive and desire to learn and tackle challenges as she elaborated on the questions I asked her. Being younger, some questions she could not fully answer because she simply hasn’t had enough life experience to answer certain questions to its entirety. Even though Shaf is relatively young, she has still had some normative transitions. One such…

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