Agape Long Term Care Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… Clinical risk factors like falls, infections, pressure ulcers, and dehydration can be common occurrences but are preventable. There is risk to staff and employees, especially with Alz's or dementia patients. Bites, bruises, infections and back strain can all be risk factors for employees of skilled nursing facilities. (Willis North America, 2012) More uncommon risk factors such as wrongful death lawsuits, neglect, or federal investigations are major risks factors that are avoidable with the proper risk managements plans. Skilled nursing facilities also have financial risks to consider, as their primary sources of income are Medicaid/Medicare and SSDI. These three types of risks- clinical, legal and financial are the major risk factors in skilled nursing facilities. Any risk management program would have to address each type of risk and the categories within the type of …show more content…
Evaluate the risk and create policies and procedures to negate or reduce them.
Educate and communicate with management and staff about risk factors.
Rank risks according to likelihood of occurrences for each dept.
Periodically review and update risks, and risks management programs. (Rubbens, 2007)
By using these five steps, Agape Long Term Care can perform an effective risk assessment.

The goal of risk management and safety programs in long term care facilities is to protect the

assets of the organization and the patient's heath. In order to accomplish these goals Agape will not only perform a risk assessment but also designate a risk manager, and employ a written risk management program from top down. Agape plans to educate each staff member on the principles of risk management and how they can be proactive in their daily duties. The consultant also recommended sending the risk manager to be certified by the Center for Aging Services Risk Management (CASRM), a not for profit foundation that researches, educates and promotes a culture of risk management and safety. CASRM is an invaluable resource for risk management in long term care and skilled nursing facilities. (Linda Wallace,

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