Are We Really Responsible For The Black Lives Matter Movement?

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In my previous essay, I presented a question which relates to the “Black Lives Matter” movement and who is really responsible for it? This all started back in 2014 when Michael brown, an African American was shot and killed by a police officer, Darren Wilson. We hear in the news that many black lives have been taken away by police officers every year. Some have claimed that the police officers are the ones that should be responsible for their actions. Even though these shootings and killings that are happening, I support those who are being affected by this tragedy. Lawmakers and police officers are blaming the individuals who cause these shootings to occur. Others may not agree with my opinion, or what I am to say but I hold defense for the …show more content…
Not only did it start with Michael Brown or Eric Garner but also others who weren’t out there in the media. So recently in the media and news, Texas Gov, Dan Patrick and Rep. Roger Williams, both criticized the people who supported “Black Lives Matter” Movement. Governor Patrick said “I do blame people on social media with their hatred towards police.” He is blaming the protesters because of the death that happened earlier this month in Dallas. In my eyes, why do the lawmakers and governors finally open their eyes and see death happening around them? Why didn’t they speak up when the deaths of many black lives were taken? Why only after police officer’s death were taken? They are so quick to blame protesters but do not see what is happening in front of them. People have the right to speak their mind on social media and protest. An individual or a group cannot be held accountable for the lives lost of the police officers. I do say that what happened was a tragedy and will never forget those we lost that day, but we all need to open our eyes and look at all of the shootings, killings happening. After doing my research and finding valid arguments, I find that my opposition has invalid, but same time great valid ones to support their side. For instance, lets go back to Dan Patrick, the governor who also quoted …show more content…
My defending source for the opposition says That the suspect who was involved in the shooting in Dallas was not affiliated with other groups and that he worked on this alone. “The suspect said he was upset about Black Lives Matter. He was upset about the recent police shootings. He was upset at white people and he wanted to kill white people especially white officers.” This source information is coming from Huffington post.
As you can see, not every situation that has to do with shootings and killing involve the people who support the Black Lives Matter movement. In this case everyone blames the protestors but in reality there are individuals who are after certain things. The media and lawmakers don’t really see this or if they do they do not let it view in public. There could be people who can say either argument Is false, but my opinion will stay the

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