Essay on African Americans Are Not Given A Fair Chance

1111 Words Dec 17th, 2015 null Page
In today 's society people are still very judgemental based off a name or skin complexion. They do not even have to know the person but will still judge them. A lot of people specifically African Americans are unemployed today because they are not given a fair chance. African Americans can apply to jobs and their applications can be tossed away because their name is to “ghetto”. That is not fair a person should never judge based off of an name because the qualifications can be the same or much higher. That same person can be the hardest worker in America, the person that looks over the applications will never know because they never gave that person an opportunity. People is not given a choice at birth when it comes to them being named. They should not have to suffer because of a decision that was made by their parent. Actress Raven-Symone said in an interview she would not hire someone if their name sounds ghetto, her statement does not make sense because she is African American herself. Someone can also make the argument that Raven-Symone is a ghetto name as well. I disagree with Raven statement that it is harsh, unfair, and uncalled for it should have not been said. No matter what the situation is. Discrimination should never be tolerate when looking for employment. One cannot deny that Raven-Symone comment about African American names were not discriminatory. She addressed the fact that she would not hire anyone based on the name that they were given, and according…

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