Gender Equality And Stereotypes In The 21st Century

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People of Western democracies are exploring gender equality and stereotypes to create a better society in the 21st century.

Talking about the challenges to gender equality in, Maggie MacDonald, Director of the Women 's Employment and Resource Centre talked with me about the obstacles women face. She says, “Women aren 't streamed into technology jobs, which are the higher paying jobs.” According to, “...women workers in Canada earn an average of 66.7 cents for every dollar earned by men.”

She talks about how toxic masculinity effects all, including in the workplace and education. For example, she relates about the time she told an instructor at her community college where she was taking a technical program, she would
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Another resident of Woodstock, Peter Claus, doesn 't agree. He says when it comes to gender equality and the rights of various groups, “I would rather see more of people 's rights, human rights...As soon as you say men 's rights/women 's rights you are stepping on somebody 's toes. You are taking rights doesn 't really work. That is why I like to say human rights preferably.”

He also dislikes gender stereotypes we see in the media, such as the dumb father. He feels they do not recognize me for their positive contributions men in general make to society such as working hard to financially support their children. He says when it comes to raising daughters, “A man should be able to exercise control to the point that she is able to live on her own...That is not to say that man should be abusive...” Which confers with MacDonald 's comment on how society needs a balance of patriarchy and matriarchy, “anything that is one is looking at one way of things isn 't good for

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