Affordable Care Act - Essay

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The Affordable Care Act
The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is considered to be one of the most radical health care moves in legislation after Medicare. The reason being that it will provide universal health coverage to everyone regardless of circumstance. An evaluation of ACA’s influence on health care will be evaluated in this paper.
The Cost of Health Care
As the new healthcare law takes effect insurance premiums are expected to rise. On average for the last six years insurances premiums have gone up six percent per year. The average annual cost that employers pay to cover their employees is around $10,000 for each employee. Usually employees are responsible for 20 percent that total or $2000. At this time the new law has done
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Preventative care will result in a healthier society, decreasing the demands on an already strained nursing shortage dilemma. This bill also establishes a school-based health care program that provides education for more nurses and specialty based training.

What groups are in favor of the law?
The Affordable Care Act Law has many supporters. There supporters consist of doctors, nurses, hospitals, organizations representing patients, small businesses, people with disabilities, young people, people in the Civil Rights Movement, Democratic and Congress leaders, President Obama, and others (Lodes, 2012). The Affordable Care Act Law is favored by people it affects positively. The Affordable Care Act Law is the start of affordable health care for all Americans. The law provides opportunities to expand health coverage to 30 million Americans, increases benefits and lowers costs for consumers, requires insurance coverage to individuals with pre-existing conditions, allows people up to age of 26 to remain on the parents’ insurances, and provides additional funding for public health and prevention, (American Public Health Association, 2012). The Affordable Care Act fosters innovation and increases improvement and quality within the healthcare system. The Affordable Care Act Law is needed to decrease the number of uninsured Americans in the United States. There is an

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