Affirming Diversity Through Multicultural Education Essay

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Affirming Diversity through Multicultural Education
To affirm diversity public schools must develop their multicultural education programs and curriculum (Nieto, 2012). Advancing a multicultural curriculum will need to purposeful with a proactive approach. Administrators and faculty will need to be retrained and develop the skills to teach from a multicultural point of view (Nieto, 2012). Educators will need to immerse themselves in cultural experiences, engage in conversations with others from various ethnic groups, and look at education as a holistic approach rather than one size fits all. By providing an education from a multicultural approach, students may be better prepared to encounter a population that is changing towards ethnic diversity (Nieto, 2012). The following is a paper written on my critical reflection of multicultural education with a plan of action and personal considerations of the possibilities and challenges of multicultural education.
Personal Critical Reflection on Multicultural Education
As I began to immerse myself in Affirming Diversity, The Sociological Context of Multicultural Education, by Sonia Nieto and Patty Bode, I started to reflect on my grade school and high school educational experience in which there were only a half a dozen of minority students that walked the halls. The first twelve years of my education consisted of associating with White only students and teachers. After graduating from high school, I attended a local…

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