Aesthetic Essay : Writing Process

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Aesthetic Essay on Writing Process
Over the course of this summer term, the class has examined an enormous amount of information, all directed at producing a refined piece of writing that we hope to call a novel. We have learned that being a successful writer requires a large amount of study, discovery, and practice in the art and craft of writing. We’ve discussed many techniques, styles, and structures, and we’ve read and dissected four distinctly different novels. We’ve also read, and work shopped chapters from other students using the Screenwriter’s Bible as a guide. Plus, the online workshop and peer comments have been very helpful. Each of these exercises demonstrates that there is no single strategy that guarantees success, or even competence. A writer very well may do his or her optimum work simply by sitting in a chair, placing a pencil to paper, or fingertips to keyboard. Either way, I believe the optimal way to improve writing is to write. Simply write it all down in first draft. Next comes the true work, labor, and hopefully, a love of writing. Actually, I think, to become an excellent writing, one my love or force their way through the editing and revising process. Still, number one in all of this is simply to write, write, write. As simple as this sounds, it is often the most difficult step to take, the first step of a long journey. Another critical takeaway from this course and a necessary trait is a daily routine. No need to sit around and wait for the muse…

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