Advice Dated As College Itself Essay

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Advice Dated as College Itself
Let’s retire the exhausted mantra, “You need to go to college to be successful.” For many incoming freshman, four years of meticulous studying in high school have fallen short in helping to pick a major. While the world opens its arms to hard working high school graduates, many students have given little thought to a career path, while some are simply burnt out by school. Liz Freedman is the author of “The Developmental Disconnect in Choosing a Major”, an online article published on Penn State’s academic advisory journal “The Mentor.” In her article, Freedman cites a number of statistics such as the 20%-50% of students entering college as “undecided”, and the 75% of students who change their major at least once. Freedman’s main idea in her article is to convince students to postpone choosing their area of study until their second year at a university. The issue extends beyond choosing a subject to study, rather whether many of today’s students are willing and prepared for what college entails. The United States’ education system conditions students to shift from lower level education to a university with no time to introspect and with little alternative options. A degree from a four-year university is considered the optimal standard for achieving success over time, which in turn commits countless young adults to very particular areas of study based on job trends, or to be enveloped into a mountain of debt. While a university does allow for a…

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