Advertising Use Masculinity And Femininity Essay

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Marketing is a persuasive strategy used to sell products to a targeted audience. In fact the first impression is the important key in marketing. Traditionally, masculinity and femininity has been used to promote products from fashion to foods. Some may argue that sexuality factors in advertising will misrepresent the company’s and the products image. This essay will attempt to illustrate that advertising should use masculinity and femininity in advertising as objects of attraction to sell products.

Firstly, one of the reason for allowing masculinity and femininity in advertising is because it has been a trend in advertising industries for the past decades. The consumer has seen this as a stereotype in advertising so they used to it. Moreover, according to (Daily Mail. 2011) the study shows that, sensual advertising is more effective than usual methods such as emotional and funny act, because looking at attractive masculinity and femininity in advertising stimulates the area of the brain, which arouses the desire to buy the product. "Sex sells because it attracts attention” (Mulvey.2012). Furthermore, using an opposite gender in the advertisement as a figure attracts customers efficiently. For example, a cigarette company adverts use a female jump over a fire hydrant with a smiling man behind her. Hence, to create a memorable branding image for the company, is dependent on the advertising strategy.

Moving on, using…

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