Advertising : The Ways It Is Hurting Society Essay

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Advertising: The Ways it is Hurting This Society Each day, members of society are surrounded by thousands of different advertisements for varying products, services, and other persuasive messages. However, how would society’s perspective change if they were informed that the vast majority of those advertisements are enhanced or dramatically altered to portray the idea of “perfection?” Just within the cosmetic industry, 72% of ads have been retouched or digitally enhanced (Moss). Society is constantly looking at advertisements, whether it be in magazines, on social media, plastered on billboards, or as television commercials. This generation of advertising is detrimentally influencing today’s society and is creating a larger gap in gender roles and equality.
Advertising is a large contributor in the business world and is made up of several categories such as social media, television, radio, print, billboards, email, newspaper, and so many others. An article states that, “[ads] used to be a simple way of introducing a new product to the market… These days, ads sell images, ideas, even principles and ethics” (Grover 30). Advertising is a large part of society in ways that are recognized and others that aren’t. The average American is “exposed to over 2000 ads a day” (Grover 30). The goal of advertisements is to persuade its audience to buy a certain product, take advantage of a certain service, or act in a certain way (Carrabis 23). Advertising influences people’s lives in…

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