Advertising Is The Company And Its Products Essay

1549 Words Aug 25th, 2016 null Page
Corporate advertising is the paid use of media that purposes to improve the image of the company, not just its products or services (Argenti, 2016, p. 94). Advertising is used to make the company and its products known. The key purpose of advertising is to sell products or services, however, it is designed to win an audience over to a certain point of view. The internet, social media, television, and radio are vehicles that are used to influence opinions, present, increase sales, and strengthen the identity of an organization and its products and services. The company pays a fee or expense to have a message that simultaneously explains its brand or product distributed to as many people as possible. What 's more, advertising directly contributes to the brand’s reputation and provide a clear identity for the organization. It is also used to influence opinions, enhance the corporate image, and help define brand. Likewise, it coordinates the brand’s communication to its audience (Urde, 2013). Advertising is no longer confined to one state or country, however, through the use of online marketing and social networks advertising messages can be communicated all over the world. In line with Argenti (2016), many companies use corporate advertising to strengthen their distinctiveness succeeding structural changes. Boateng & Okoe (2015) indicated that social media advertising and online advertising have revealed that consumer’s attitude toward social media advertising is an essential…

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