Advertising Is A Valuable Resource Essay

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Rough Draft Essay 4 Advertising is a valuable resource when it comes to presenting information and providing an emotional response from its viewers. Arguably, no other entertainment industry uses advertising as much as the film industry. Movie posters are released for nearly every movie with the hope that it will strike the eye of the viewer. Film companies aim to appeal to the emotion, which is the definition of the word pathos, ethos, which is through ethical appeal, or logos, which is through logic and reasoning. An example of a movie poster used to appeal to viewers is for the movie, The Purge. This movie was released in 2013 and is about an annual day where crime is permitted, allowing citizens to release stress and anger from their lives. The Purge was a highly successful film due to the futuristic and creepy atmosphere it provided. The advertisement poster used to display these feelings utilizes pathos through its use of text, color, and perspective. Although images are perceived as one of the most important aspects of movie posters, the text used in The Purge advertisement influences the emotion of the viewer as well. To begin, the text does not pop out to the reader right away. It does not have color that stands out and does not invite the viewer in. Small, dim text sets the dark scene and mood for the advertisement. However, on the top left of the poster, it mentions that the movie is from the same producer of Paranormal Activity and Sinister. If a person were…

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